Remember the Terminals from Halo: Anniversary Edition that referenced what was going to go down in Halo 4? It seems that Halo 2 Anniversary will receive similar treatment, hiding extra information that will provide some background to the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians.

Speaking with GameSpot at EB Expo 2014, 343 executive producer Dan Ayoub revealed the approach, saying, "If you remember the terminals from the first Halo: Anniversary where you could find and unlock motion comic-style pieces that filled in story for what was going to happen in Halo 4, we're doing a lot of the same in Halo 2 that are going to start to hint at some things that are coming down the line in Halo 5." Ayoub further reveals that the extra content in Halo 2 Anniversary will focus on The Arbiter, providing "an idea of his history and a little more about him" with each found piece of information.

We personally love the idea of teasing some Halo 5 information, especially since we haven't heard a single thing about it since E3. We're looking forward to the Master Chief Collection, but technically that's all content we've played before, so a glimpse at the unknown would probably be universally appreciated by the Halo faithful.

Halo 2: Anniversary will come packaged in Halo: The Master Chief Collection and will launch Nov. 11 on Xbox One.