Speedrunner Andrew Halabourda has broken his own world record for the fastest play-through of the original Halo with a time just over 90 minutes..

Halabourda previously set a record of 1:38:57 a few months ago, but shaved over two minutes off his time with his newest run, getting it down to 1:36:40. During the play-through, Halabourda managed to die only seven times.

Unlike some speedruns, Halo doesn’t offer huge glitches or exploits that can be used to advance quickly in the game. There is one glitch that allows the player to jump to the next level a bit early, but it doesn’t make a huge difference in time. For the most part, Halabourda’s incredibly fast run is due to his accurate shooting and in-depth knowledge of the game’s map and enemy spawn points. Countless times during the speedrun, we see enemies die at the hands of Master Chief before they are even able to enter the room, and tons of unwitting aliens are dispatched by sniper rounds they never saw coming. What’s most impressive, perhaps, is Halabourda himself, who remains calm and entirely unflappable during the entirety of the stressful speedrun.

Halabourd’s run is an impressive feat, and one that will likely inspire more and more highly-skilled players to try to beat his time.