It's funny the weird stuff you can find when you're killing time on YouTube. I stumbled across this little gem while looking for abandoned things. (Don't ask why I was looking for abandoned things. Sometimes, I just do stuff for no reason whatsoever.) This is a video from a dude who found an abandoned "cave" here in Southern Idaho.

He doesn't divulge the exact location, which is probably a good idea since we'd all go there and then it wouldn't be abandoned anymore. We've narrowed it down to this area on the map.

Southern Idaho - Google Maps

Sorry, that's an attempt at humor right there.

Even with the very little we know of the location, the backstory he gives is interesting. "Urbex Brad" (his YouTube name for himself) claims it was dug out by a Chinese guy during the World War 2 period. I have no idea how he knows this since there's no story about this anywhere that I can find on the Internet - and I've looked.

Whoever made this cave couldn't be very tall. At best, it has a head clearance of about 5'3". But, the walls seem pretty sturdy and would probably have given the guy decent shelter, although I wouldn't want to attempt a Southern Idaho winter in this thing.

If you know the location of this cave, please share. I can gather my small army of short people to go explore.