I am always up for a good adventure. Give me a good story that is somewhat nearby and I'm happy to gather up my family and hit the road. That's why the legend of the lost treasure of Camas Creek has peaked my interest. The fact that there's a potential payoff of a big bunch of lost gold is gravy.

If you're not familiar with Camas Creek, it's just over an hour north of Twin Falls.

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There are several sources that claim knowledge about a lost treasure near Camas Creek. Metal-Detecting had this info.

On the banks of Camas Creek approximately 1 mile north of Camas, is a treasure of $25,000 in gold bullion. It was cached by stagecoach outlaws in 1864.

Only In Your State goes a little deeper with the backstory.

Three bandits were involved in the holdup of a Jefferson County station. While two of the three were killed in the ensuing scuffle, the third escaped with the loot. The man was eventually caught and thrown into prison, where in 1909 he drew a map for a fellow inmate who was to be released. Under claims of "digging an irrigation canal," the man turned up nearly every stone in the county, but the $50,000 was never found.

However it went down, it certainly sounds like a classic wild west story. If stagecoach loot is buried somewhere near Camas Creek, are you up for a kayak trip?