There's a new listing on Zillow that's out of this world. Not really. Actually, it's a home in Boise that kinda looks like a UFO.

The "home" is at 4721 W Rowell Drive in Boise. When I first saw the address, I swear I thought it said "Roswell". (*cue spooky UFO space music*)

This house looks like it could have been a silo at some point, considering the shape. There's a very unique-looking spiral staircase that connects the floors.

If you check out the pics, you'll notice an abundance of Led Zeppelin and Bob Marley posters. Groovy, dude.

It's a 3-bed, 2-bath home that is listed for $159,900. Melissa Lemp is the listing agent if you'd like a tour of the very unique mother-ship of a home.