The Twin Falls Brewing Company is located in an old building. It has a ton of history in that location. If you believe some stories, part of that history remains in the building and he's known as Flour Fred.

The stories of Flour Fred are legion - no demonic pun intended. Multiple sites document the sightings of this entity including Haunted Hovel. They have this.

Employees have mentioned hearing footsteps and other strange noises. Reports of presences felt and unexplainable apparitions and disturbances also take place here. This 'spirit' has been given a the name of Flour Fred.

The Shadowlands adds this tidbit.

There is a myth suggested about an occupational accident responsible for the lingering presence.

Finding an actual picture or video of Fred is rare if not impossible. This reminds me of the Ghost Adventures recent episode in the Moon River Brewing Company.

I have heard so many local stories about Flour Fred, I'm wondering out loud if you have any pics or stories to add to the legend. If so, please comment and share.