JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) – Jason Boyd Ivey, 26 of Hazelton – who was charged with probation violation, and in another case charged with eluding a police officer, felony grand theft and driving a vehicle without the owner’s consent – was sentenced Monday.

On the probation violation, the judge imposed the first sentence which was 2 years fixed and 3 years indeterminate. On the second charge, the judge imposed a fine of $500 plus court costs, along with 3 years fixed and 2 years indeterminate. The judge retained jurisdiction and placed Ivey on a rider program.

That program will set a course that Ivey will have to follow which includes program courses while in prison. Once complete, Ivey could be released on probation. If he fails to follow the guidelines, the judge could impose the complete prison sentence.