There is nothing quite like driving in Twin Falls. Sure, in general, the same traffic laws that apply to other cities exist here, too. But, if you're new to the area, be aware that we have our own unique code around here. Here are a few helpful tips that will help you understand what it means to drive in Twin.

When someone tells you that you need to make a left turn, they may mean sorta left instead

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Everyone in Twin Falls is allowed to enter an intersection at the same time

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Animals are not only allowed in cars, it's encouraged

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Every guy driving a Dodge Dart will see an intersection as an opportunity to race

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Whatever you do, don't make eye contact with other drivers

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Women wearing sunglasses always have the right-of-way

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There are more driving tips that could help you in Twin Falls, but this should get you started. As a fallback, you could always try to figure out the maze that is the Idaho Department of Transportation website.