Safe is such a relative term. You're safer jumping off the Perrine Bridge with a parachute than without one, but are you really safe? Similar question for you here. What's the safest neighborhood in Jerome? I decided it was time to find out.

Neighborhood Scout came out with a breakdown of 4 regions in Jerome and ranked them from safest to not safest. Here they are starting with the least safe.

4. City Center

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City Center, you do not get the cookie for being the safest part of Jerome. But, there is good news. You have a higher Portugese population than nearly every other neighborhood in America.

3. N Lincoln Ave & E Main St

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Coming in at #3, N Lincoln Ave and E Main St can claim something very few neighborhoods in America can. This area has the highest percentage of farmers, fishermen and foresters than over 98% of the US.

2. W Main St & N Date St.

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Here's an odd fact about the W Main St and N Date St area of Jerome. It's less crowded than 93% of all the other neighborhoods in the country. So, if you need elbow room, this might be your place.

And, the #1 safest neighborhood in Jerome is...

1. Perrine/ Barrymore

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The extreme southern part of Jerome is considered the safest. If you want to live there, good luck. There's a vacancy rate of only 3.7% which is lower than 84% of the rest of the country.

If you live in Jerome, do these rankings sound right to you?