Normally, if you ask someone who's got gas in Twin Falls, they will give us a dirty look. Maybe a better way to phrase the question is to ask "what's the best place to purchase petrol in Twin?". I have my own preferences, but here are the top 6 according to Yelp.

6. Maverik

Here's D.W.'s review:Another very solid entry into the Maverik canon. This one doesn't have any fancy Cinnabon stores inside or any of that, but instead aims more at serviceable, which it does do very well. Getting into the parking lot was a bit funky, though. Not sure that is the store's fault, though. Store was pretty clean inside and staff was friendly.

5. United Oil

Here's Charley C's review: Old and beat up. Good gas price, and the snack store has great prices. I really like that.Thanks for the Gas, Soda and candy.

4. Stinker Stations

Here's Susan Z's review: The ladies that work here always have a smile and kind word for everyone ! I stop most mornings for a fresh Uncle Bob's donut! This is what hometown feels like!

3. Oasis Stop n' Go

Here's PatrickJ T.'s review: Nice gas station.  There is a Subway sandwich shop and a little Greyhound station located on either side of the mini mart.

Gas prices were fair for a Chevron station.  I did not go inside the shop, but from the outside it looked okay.  As long as gas prices are reasonable and they have water & squeege for cleaning my windows, then I'll usually be giving the gas station 3 stars.

2. KJ's Fil Mart

Here's Nicole A's review: Clean restrooms, large selection of drinks and snacks and a red box out front! The service was friendly and helpful!

1. Mr Gas

Here's Red Tail H's review: For a gas station convenience store, this place is pretty awesome.  I was able to grab a quick breakfast here (2 roller taquitos & a 32 oz drink) for a pretty awesome price - $3.  Not only was the price good, but the food was as well!  That was hoped for, but not expected, considering I got this from a gas station.

Oh, and the gas is pretty good as well.  Cheaper than we saw anywhere else in town.

There you go. Did the Yelp reviewers get that right? Or, are they just full of gas and who-knows-what-else?