In Twin Falls, we have that awesome statue of the twins overlooking the Perrine Bridge. But, there's a problem. These ladies have no name. Let's fix that.

According to Livability, the Twins were created by artist David Clemons and installed back in April of 2008. Do you realize that's nearly 8 years of women with no name dancing near our bridge?

Ships have names. Women have names. We love ships and women. And, we love The Twins down by the Perrine Bridge, so they should have names, too.

I had the idea of naming one "Evel" and the other "Knievel" and, for some reason, my naming rights were immediately withdrawn. I know you are much smarter than me - which admittedly does not take much - so, what name would you choose for the Twins?

If you're not completely convinced that the Twins need names, check out this really awkward video of the Twins we recently filmed. We're pretty sure no tourists were harmed in the making of this video. Or, at least none that didn't deserve it.