Are you irritated by having twenty bazillion of your friends posting the "Be Like Bill" meme? Wanna make it go away? Here is a quick way to never see that little stick-figure jerk ever again. 

First, next time you see your friends post the meme, click the little down arrow in the top right of their post. From the drop-down menu, select "Hide All From The Blobla App". That's it. No more stick figures spamming your Facebook news feed.

While you're at it, you might also want to warn your friends that are doing this that they may be compromising their information. Come to find out, the Blobla App - if you go to their website - doesn't have the best reputation. Here's what the That's had to say about it.

The information we could find about BloBla is limited. It is a site that appears to be operating out of Asia, but they have chosen to make their details associated with their domain private. Whilst the ‘Be Like Bill’ meme generator doesn’t require an app to use, many of the features on the site do require you to install the BloBla app that does ask for certain information about your Facebook account, including your email address, timeline posts and friends list.

Whilst we see no reason for the app to ask for your email address, we suspect many of the different features offered by BloBla would not work if you did not allow access to your friends list or timeline posts.

Scam Analyze also warns against it. So, browser beware is the motto here.