Tuesday, February 16 is "Blue Tuesday" in the Magic Valley. We invite you to join us by going blue to show your support for all of the law enforcement in our area. There are lots of ways you can join us. Here are a few.

1. Wear blue clothing.

Yes, this is stating the obvious. Blue shirt and/or blue pants, skirt. If it's blue, it will be in fashion on Tuesday.

2. Put a blue ribbon on your vehicle antenna.

The idea behind Blue Tuesday is to display blue in the most visible ways possible so the officers will see it. What better way to do this than have a blue ribbon flapping in the winds of the Magic Valley as you go about your Tuesday business.

3. Stop by 5 Points at Addison on Blue Lakes and get a blue ribbon sticker from us.

We will gather up our radio gang and set up shop at 5 Points at Addison on Blue Lakes between 11 am and 1 pm during lunch time on Tuesday and we'll have free blue ribbon stickers that you can pick up from us. Thanks to the kind people at Blip Printers for donating those.

5 Points on Addison and Blue Lakes in Twin, Google Maps Street View

4. Add a blue bar to your Facebook profile picture.

You can take about 10 seconds in Microsoft Paint on your computer of choice and add a blue bar to your Facebook profile pic. We'll be doing that to our station logos on Facebook as well.

We would love to have Blue Tuesday be an annual event. Or, even better, how about thanking an officer any time you see them for all they do for us. Let's let Magic Valley's finest know that we have their back as they protect ours.