Governor Otter needs to call out the National Guard now. The word is that there could be a shortage of whipped cream in Idaho. First world problem? Yes. Must we do something about it now? Absolutely.

The Boston Globe is reporting that due to an incident that happened in Florida in August, you and I may be unable to enjoy our God-given right of whipped cream on our holiday pies. Travesty. Here are the details on this tragedy from The Globe:

Conagra Foods, which makes Reddi-wip, said the industry-wide issue affects any company that relies on nitrous oxide in their products, including private labels and competitive brands.

Say it isn't so! The word is that supplies should be back to normal in February. Did you hear that? IN FEBRUARY. In other words, not soon enough.

In a recent check of Twin Falls stores, it appears that Cool Whip is still to be had, but I will admit the stock wasn't exactly encouraging.

While we're on the subject, here's a pretty sweet holiday whipped cream coffee melt recipe you might want to try. But, whatever you do, go get the whipped cream by the armloads so you're not left out of the holiday whipped cream joy.