Most of us in the Magic Valley already know this, but it's great that the rest of the world is finally catching up. Some of the best hot springs in Idaho are in our neck of the woods. And, one local favorite just got called out as one of the best in Idaho.

Only In Your State just declared what they consider the 5 most luxurious hot springs in Idaho. They named Miracle Hot Springs in Buhl #3. Here's their explanation as to why:

For a truly swoon-worthy experience, Miracle Hot Springs is king. In addition to expansive hot pools with fantastic hours (8 am-11 pm), private tubs, dreamy spa-like rooms, and more await you. Including the supervisory gaze of the local alligators!

I knew the alligators would seal the deal.

You can check out the full list from Only In Your State, but we all know the rest of the Idaho is chasing us when it comes to awesome hot springs.