Amanda Seyfried, the lovely young actress, is the focus for today. Let's get acquainted with the nicest Mean Girl.

Amanda is an actress, a singer and a former model with the widest eyes you've ever seen and just about the prettiest face in the world. She got her start in film as Karen Smith, the not-so-mean member of the Plastics in 'Mean Girls' with breasts that had the power to tell when it was already raining. Fans of awesome, but ultimately canceled TV shows might also remember her as Lily Kane from 'Veronica Mars'. However you slice it, this 28-year-old actress is just a breath of fresh air and incredibly sexy. You need no more proof than to watch her in 'Lovelace'. You'll thank us.

Check out the GIFs of the lovely Amanda below and try hard not to fall in love with this vision of beauty.