So we're all familiar with the "three feet of personal space" we need to maintain sanity.  For some of us, that distance may be a little farther or, in the case of your ex, a restraining order.

But something happened the other day that sparked a discussion here at the office - Kendra Wolfe received a financial request from a college grad who owes $90,000 in student loans and hopes to get married next year.

I will say, it's not the worst request I've heard - as 1) it seems to be for good reasons (i.e. not drugs and booze, assuming he's being honest), and 2) as a music school grad, music/audio schools do a TERRIBLE job of giving you an accurate post-college picture of life.

Nonetheless, this led us to ask: what's the "personal space" rule with money?  Or in other words, how close do you have to be with someone to ask them for money (with a good conscience)?