If you are planning to get a pair of colored contact lenses to finish off your Halloween costume, the side effects of improper use could be more scary than your actual costume.

There are loads of online retailers where you can buy colored contact lenses for costume wear or everyday use. Not all of them are a good place to buy from. Improper use of contacts can lead to eye discomfort or vision loss. If you aren't careful with contact use and where you purchase from you could end up with a trip to the doctor.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology says that colored contacts can be a nice addition to a costume. Proper lenses can often be purchased from your eye doctor where they can properly fit them and order them in your personal prescription. They also have a number of stories of Halloween contact use gone bad, where one boy lost vision in one eye from using non prescription lenses and another girl who now has blurry vision and uses eye drops daily for her damaged eyes. Even if the contacts are bought from an eye doctor it is up to the wearer to use and clean them properly.