I used to live alone.  When I did live alone, I would watch Dateline every Friday night...BAD IDEA!  To this day my husband still makes fun of me.  But you try watching Dateline alone and in the dark.  SCARY!

Fast forward to present day.....it seems human remains have been found near the city of Rocks.  And possibly, those remains could be from a missing Rupert woman who has been missing since December 20th, 1988.


According to KMVT-TV:

Cassia County, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Cassia County Sheriff Randy Kidd said that on Friday, October 12, skeletal human remains were located in the City of Rocks area. Sheriff Kidd said that the remains were recovered on Saturday, October 13. Authorities believe evidence at the scene indicates the remains may be those of Norine Boyd of Minidoka County who went missing in 1988. Sheriff Kidd said positive identification is pending after a DNA or Dental records are confirmed.

Here's what happened on the night of December 20th, 1988:

According to information from old news reports, Norine Kay Boyd was last seen in Rupert on December 20, 1988. She called her father on the phone that day and sounded upset. He went to her apartment and found the door ajar, Christmas music playing and Boyd Missing. Her purse and Christmas presents for her children were on the table. It appeared she had been interrupted while wrapping the gifts.

The Plot Thickens:

Just before Boyd vanished, police issued a warrant for her arrest for theft, she was suspected of stealing almost $1,000 from a local man. Boyd left behind three sons.

Honestly, this story is bitter sweat.  If the remains are in fact Norine Boyd, hopefully police and the Boyd family can find some resolution and peace.  If it is not the Boyd woman, who is it?