Fresh out the oven from the creators of Surgeon Simulator comes I Am Bread. Seriously, it's a video game where you control a slice of bread.

Bossa Studios followed up the medical malpractice-filled antics of Surgeon Simulator with a Texas Toast-sized slice of carbicide in this debut trailer for I Am Bread. As you would expect, a simulation game where you control a slice of bread  that can move seems both mesmerizing and ridiculous. Roll out the unconventional controls of Katamari Damacy and Octodad, knead in in a physics engine as over-the-top as Goat Simulator's, let it bake, and you somehow end up with bread. The game's premise? You simply flop a piece of bread around the kitchen until it finally reaches the toaster. We have to admit, it looks fun, quirky, delicious and disgusting.

Unfortunately, there is no launch window or consoles announced for I Am Bread yet, but the trailer did have Xbox controls clearly visible for the bread's UI. Stay tuned as we'll provide more information on this slice of weirdness once more information is available.

We hope this game isn't buns, but it looks like Bossa Studios is... on a roll. We bet that one just buttered you up (we deserve a drink toast...wait what?).