The Idaho legislature created the Office Of School Safety and Security this year. That office has begun a campaign to encourage awareness in schools with llamas. That's right. Llamas.

Here is what they're trying to accomplish from one of their press releases:

  • One of the ways we can keep our kids and teachers safe is to raise situational awareness and encourage everyone to be vigilant.
  • The SEE, TELL, NOW! campaign is one way to accomplish this goal. It reminds people that “If you SEE something, TELL someone, NOW!”

OK, gotcha. I have to ask the question. Why llamas? The answer is they said they wanted to create something memorable, but not threatening. Mission accomplished.

The campaign has a great motive. If kids (or anyone) sees something unusual in a school, tell somebody. That could be a potentially dangerous intruder or a student creating problems for other students. It's a great idea.

Since my mind isn't quite right and I live in Idaho, I immediately think of Napoleon Dynamite trying to feed Tina (the llama) the casserole.

Enough about Tina - for now. If you have questions or just want more info, you can check out the official Idaho Office Of School Safety And Security website.