The Idaho Better Business Bureau is warning Magic Valley residents of a scam that's directed towards charity organizations.  

Emily Valla of the Idaho BBB describes the scam... A charity organization will receive a phone call by a man claiming to be an overseas philanthropist and he wants to donate a large sum of money. This man, who often calls himself "Ken" will write the charity a check to the sum of over $39,000 and almost immediately will call back, requesting a return of a portion of the check (usually, $10,000) for a family emergency. In good faith, a charity might honor his request and cut Ken a check for the requested amount. But all of this happens before "Ken's" check has cleared and ultimately that check bounces while Ken makes off with the Charity's check for $10k. So far, nobody we know of in Idaho has fallen for this scam but so many calls are coming in to the BBB that wanted to make sure this warning went out.

This video is worth watching and gives some extra tips on how you can avoid this and other scams that are making the rounds.