There are new stats that prove what many of us already know. In Idaho, we suck at driving. But, instead of just focusing on our own problems, I want to also point out that we're way better than the losers in Nevada.

The Car Insurance Comparison website used several metrics to compute the rankings that actually make sense. Vehicular fatalities, traffic signal and seat belt violations, speeding, careless and drunk driving stats were all factored into this.

Idaho came in right in the middle of the pack at #26. We're top 10 (in a bad way) in the violating traffic law rank, but did pretty good when it comes to speeding and careless driving. This can most likely be explained by the fact that we're very good at not getting caught.

If that depresses you, just be glad we're not Nevada. Nevada is top 5 (for being worst) when it comes to careless driving. Anyone that has driven to or from Jackpot can scientifically prove that this is true.

One other note. By far, the state with the worst drivers is Montana. There is a rumor that even bears are allowed behind the wheel up there and the stats can prove that's probably true.

Check out the full list if you want to see which license plates instill the most fear among your fellow drivers.