The truth is out there, and if you want to believe it is getting a lot easier since we've been seeing a lot more of it in Idaho than the rest of the United States. I'm talking UFO activity and alien visits, man.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, Idaho has the 10th most UFO's sighted and reported in the United States. In fact if you look at the map most of the sightings happen in the North states. Down in states like Texas there aren't many reported...but they probably don't like reporting stuff and would rather just shoot it out of the sky. In Twin Falls alone, there have been more than 30 UFO reports since 1981!


VizThis has compiled information from across the decades on UFO sightings and the numbers are staggering! In the last 100 years the number of reported sightings has risen from around 500 per year to nearly 5,000 per year currently. The internet is an easy way to document the sightings now so that may be the cause for the jump...or there really are that many more 'visits' from UFO's lately.


Also interesting to note are the types of UFO being seen now compared to 100 years ago. The flying saucer has always been the staple for alien sightings but in the last few decades the light in the sky has taken lead as the most common sighting.