I had a hard time figuring this one out. A man referring to himself as Idaho Hillbilly and his family decided to go off the grid. Yet, they have become internet stars. Go figure.

It's best to just let him speak for himself. Here's how he describes them on his YouTube channel.

This is who we are and a little on where we are headed. Making a Living, Treasure Hunting, Building our Homestead, Self Reliant, Self Sufficiency Off The Grid.Growing and raising all our own food.and the list goes on.

I completely understand and appreciate his philosophy. But, if you're going "off the grid", why the YouTube channel? Perhaps he envisions himself to be an ambassador for homesteading, etc.

The funny thing is that over the past 2 1/2 years, he has acquired over 7,000 subscribers. I think my favorite one so far happened when he got his redneck hands on SnapChat.

This is Idaho reality TV as real as it gets. If you haven't subscribed to Idaho Hillbilly, I recommend you give him a try. Maybe you can learn how to "go off the grid" and get thousands of YouTube subscribers yourself.