Idaho holds the world record in some interesting things you might not think of.

When we went looking for Idaho's world records, our thoughts immediately went to something like the largest potato or maybe something to do with BASE jumping or even some wild kayaking.

Not necessarily so. Idaho holds the world record for the largest straw bale maze which was located in Rupert. In it's heyday (See what I just did there?) it was an impressive 96,847 square feet.  Sadly, it's our understanding that this maze has been closed now for a couple of years but you can see in this video, it was pretty impressive.

Now, the maze in Rupert  isn't to be confused with the Burley Straw Maze. They don't hold any world records but they still have a nice sized, maze that's a lot of fun. They expect to open up again for the Halloween season in late September, with the addition of a pumpkin patch.

Oh... And while we're talking about world records. Idaho also holds the world record for the largest pronghorn hunted.