Idaho has got it going on, man. Put on your tie dye cause Idaho is the place to be if you're a hippie. Allegedly.

The swinging people of the Estately blog have rated the states based on a number of criteria including number of communes, food coops and Facebook references to "hippie things". Where did Idaho rank based on their numbers? We dinged the bell at a killer #10.

Idaho won the day based on our bodacious amount of hippie crafts and communes. Even the Estately people were surprised that we beat out Hawaii.

The interesting aspect of this is not that Idaho made the top 10. (If you've looked in the trunk of the many people driving on I-84, you will find many hippie things) But, the most "square" state with the least hippies is just to our south in Nevada. I guess us hippies don't like to play with the one-armed bandits in Jackpot. Allegedly.