If you own or want to own a vehicle in Idaho, I have some good news and some bad news. In some ways, Idaho is one of the best states to have a vehicle. But, that's not always the case.

Insurance.com has broken down - no car pun intended - a zillion stats on how affordable or not it is to own a vehicle. Overall, Idaho is pretty affordable compared to the rest of the country. We're #35 with #1 being the most expensive.

For example, when it comes to insuring your vehicle, Idaho is one of the best averaging around $935 a year for a premium.

Idaho also has one of the lowest sales tax rates at 6.01%. We're no Montana though as they have no sales tax at all.

But, gasoline costs are not something we can brag about as the annual cost of petrol in Idaho is near the top. We're also in the top 12 when it comes to the cost of vehicle maintenance. It pays to be a mechanic in Idaho, apparently.

Idaho car owners really can't complain about the $57 car registration fee, especially if we look at how expensive some other states are.

It's an interesting national survey to check out if you love your wheels as much as we love ours.