BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The chair of Idaho's House State Affairs Committee says a portion of Idaho Lottery revenue should be used to fund the state's faltering racing commission.

The bill is being introduced by Rep. Tom Loertscher right as his committee is scheduled to hear testimony Wednesday on legislation that would repeal slot-like machines known as instant horse racing terminals. According to the legislation introduced Monday, $500,000 would be allocated to the racing commission each year.

The money would come from the lottery funds normally used for ticket winnings, not the portion of revenue that helps fund schools. However, that amount drops to $250,000 if lottery revenue drops to levels during the economic downturn.

The money could only be used to support live horse racing events. The commission doesn't receive any money from Idaho's general fund. Instead, it relies on licensing fees and horse betting revenue. In 2013, the commission collected roughly $361,000.