COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho (AP) — An Idaho man has filed a lawsuit against the federal government because he says his personal information was compromised as part of a massive data breach of the U.S.

Office of Personnel Management. Victor Hobbs, an aviation safety inspector for the Federal Aviation Administration in Spokane, Washington, is asking the judge to grant the case class-action status on behalf of himself and other federal employees who may have been compromised by the data breach.

He filed the lawsuit in Idaho's U.S. District Court against OPM, former and current OPM officials and against OPM contractor Keypoint Government Solutions. The government agency and contractor have not yet responded to the lawsuit.

Hackers suspected of working for the Chinese government are believed to have stolen records for as many as 18 million current and former federal employees and contractors last year, including detailed background investigations for employees with security clearances.