Residents in eastern Oregon and Washington are hoping to start a movement to join Idaho as a new state.

Folks in towns like Spokane and Yakima, Washington & Pendleton and Burns, Oregon believe their social and political values are more aligned with those that we have in Idaho than their heavier populated areas of influence like Seattle or Portland. People in these smaller areas feel like they are often outvoted and not well represented by their state governments.

Rather than create a separate state of their own, a La Grande man would like to hop on Idaho's red-state wagon and make a new, conservative super-state.

There would certainly be a lot to discuss like taxes and public services... not to mention state lines haven't been redrawn since West Virginia in 1863.

It might not be very likely to happen but if they did get their way, would we still call our state Idaho or would we need to change the name to make our new residents feel welcome? How about Idington or perhaps Washashaho? (Careful, there.)  What would you name our new state?