When a woman swallows food, where does it go? If you know the answer, please pass this information onto Idaho Republican Representative Vito Barbieri.

I just love it when men weigh in on female issues, like abortion! Why? Well, men know EVERYTHING, especially what's best for women.

Idaho Republican Representative Vito Barbieri proved it on February, 23, 2015 during an Idaho House State Affairs Committee.

Listen Here:

Idaho Republican Representative Vito Barbieri claims that he was trying to make a point. If he was trying to make the point that he has no clue how a women's anatomy works, he hit the nail on the vulva.

Here's Barbieri on his comment:

I was being rhetorical, because I was trying to make the point that equalizing a colonoscopy to this particular procedure was apples and oranges," he said. "So I was asking a rhetorical question that was designed to make her say that they weren't the same thing, and she did so. It was the response I wanted.

Maybe that is true, but for me, the real issue here is, females need to weigh in on female issues!

If you can't be a politician on a committee that wastes time, then VOTE! Get out and VOTE!

Talk to people in these unimaginable situations and listen to their story with no judgement. Let it simmer, then VOTE!!

I've never needed to make the decision about performing an abortion. I'm thankful for that. Would I? I honestly don't know,  but I do want the choice. Not everything is black and white, just ask E. L. James.

One more thing: if abortion is ever made illegal, it will still be done. It would be done in back alleys, unsanitary conditions, harmful to the mother AND the unborn child. If the goal is to keep mom and baby safe, then the safest option is to allow abortions.

As for the bill in question, the committee did approve the bill, which would prevent abortion-inducing telemedicine in Idaho. The House will now vote.

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