TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – Idaho road officials remind drivers to watch for rock as the spring snow melt begins. Idaho has already seen several rock and landslides onto roadways near Elk City, Council and Smiths Ferry according to the Idaho Transportation Department. ITD says that moisture from snow, rain and even fog can increase the possibility of a slide.

“Many of Idaho’s highways cut through forests and along steep slopes," said ITD Emergency Program Supervisor Mel Coulter. "In the spring, when soils are saturated, the risk of falling debris is significantly higher. That is especially true in forests that have experienced recent fire or in mountainous terrain that is vulnerable to avalanches.”

If you plan on heading into Idaho’s mountain regions, check the road conditions before you head out by checking out the state’s 5-1-1 traveler advisor system. If you are caught in a slide ITD recommends drivers pull to the side of the road, turn emergency flashers on, and call emergency services. Drivers should stay in their vehicle. ITD says the rock slide near Elk City carried around 100,000 cubic yards of dirt and rock. The Smiths Ferry slide had one of the largest boulders come off a mountain side at 29 tons.