COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho (KTVB) - The Idaho State Police are now using a drone to take pictures of crime scenes.

The agency most recently used the technology on Sunday while investigating an armed standoff with violent fugitive David Crispin in Coeur d'Alene.

But it wasn't being used tactically for the SWAT officers, it was actually being used by Idaho State Police for its investigation after the standoff ended.

Investigators were using it to take aerial photographs of the scene. That helps them piece together what happened as they take pictures of the home where this happened.

The ISP had to obtain a search warrant before they could use that drone.

An ISP spokesperson told KREM 2 News it's really more like a small helicopter than a drone, and it actually belongs to an Idaho State Police detective who likes to fly it during his free time. He volunteered and let the investigative team use the pictures.

It's not the first time it was used, though. ISP investigators also used a drone to take aerial photos of the massive crime scene following an officer involved shooting that took place on I-90 in Post Falls in June.

ISP said using this detective's drone is much more convenient and far cheaper for the department to use rather than requesting assistance from Spokane County's Air One helicopter for the purpose of taking aerial photographs.