BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Recruits for the Idaho State Police amassed more than 4,500 hours while attending the training academy for new troopers.

The Idaho Statesman reports that 16 recruits accrued 4,592 hours of overtime during the 16-week training period, an average of 18 hours per recruit each week. ISP attributes most of that time to commutes to and from the training academy.

ISP spokeswoman Teresa Baker said in an email that there wasn't enough room to house recruits in the academy dorms, so they stayed in barracks at Gowen Field.

The overtime is a three-fold increase over the class that graduated in March 2015. Those 16 recruits only accrued 1,052 total hours of overtime. The State Controller's Office provided the Statesman with the overtime data in response to a public records request.