TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – The Idaho Transportation Department on Monday was recognized on Monday with a pair of national awards.

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials President’s awards recognized the department for quality work on several fronts.

“These awards show that Idaho projects consistently rank among the best in the nation,” ITD Director Brian Ness said. “Within Idaho, the quality is well-known, and having that high level of quality recognized nationally is very gratifying. We are focused on making the best investment possible in order to create a better transportation system for Idaho citizens.”

The agency also was recognized for earning two of the top three spots for projects in public voting across the country this fall, according to ITD. The awards were given at the association’s annual gathering, held this year in Boston.

The first ward was given for the department’s effort to find a solution to facilitate federally-mandated safety inspections on a bridge over the Dworshak Reservoir where federally-protected osprey had been nesting.

The second award recognized the GARVEE program (link to video), the department’s investment in the state’s roads and bridges during the last decade.

According to ITD:

The 59 GARVEE projects were delivered on time, under budget, greatly increased traffic capacity and dramatically improved safety.

 GARVEE also added about 120 miles to the state highway system for congestion relief, added or replaced 41 bridges, and built or improved 14 of the state’s busiest interchanges. GARVEE projects were delivered at an accelerated pace and at lower costs than anticipated.

ITD has won 10 AASHTO President’s awards since 2010.