TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)- The rape case of a southern Idaho weatherman will continue in district court. Judge Roger Harris moved John "Jack" William Holland's case from magistrate court after the prosecution and defense called witnesses during the preliminary hearing. Jack is known to southern Idaho viewers as the morning weatherman for KMVT News. Holland, 23,  was charged with rape after a Jan. 29 encounter with the alleged victim at his apartment in Twin Falls, read more about the incident here.

The alleged victim was called to testify by Suzanne Craig at the preliminary hearing to give her account of what happened that night, including events before and after the alleged rape. The victim claims she tried to resist Holland's advances and several times told him to stop and that she did not want to have sex.

Hollands defense lawyer, Charles Peterson, called a friend and coworker of the victim to testify during the hearing. The victim and Holland hand met up the night of Jan. 29 at a Twin Falls bar and restaurant, after which the two went to his apartment not far away.

During the victim's statement in court she testified to the conversations with the friend leading up to the encounter with Holland. The victim claims she had met Holland on a social app known as Tinder and had told the friend about him. The victim said the friend recognized Holland as the man on TV and that her sister knew him.

Peterson raised the question as to the nature of text and other communications leading up to the night of the alleged crime. In those communications between the victim and friend, before the incident, there were mention of "hookups" and "friends with benefits."  The victim also contacted the friend around the time of the alleged rape and afterword by text and phone calls.

The account the two witnesses gave of their conversations with one another that night differed greatly. The friend, who claims to be a sexual assault victim herself, testified that the encounter between the victim and Holland seemed consensual. The victim claimed she told Holland to stop several times and that the encounter was forced.

Judge Harris said the conflicting testimony will need to be decided by a jury, if the case goes that far.

The case has not yet been scheduled in district court.