BOISE (KTVB) -- A Boise man who was badly wounded while serving our country is preparing for a big climb -- again.

Marine Staff Sergeant Charlie Linville is planning to climb Mount Everest with a team from the Heroes Project, and he'll do it with only one leg.

Linville had his right leg amputated after being hit by an explosive device during a tour in Afghanistan in 2010.

"When I got injured, Everest was never on my mind," added Linville.

When he was later approached with the opportunity to climb the world's highest mountain, he couldn't turn it down.

"I wanted to see how far I could take my new body and how far I could push the limits of my new prosthetic," he said.

Last year, Linville's Everest climb was cut short.

"Because of the tragic avalanche that took the lives of 16 Sherpas last year, unfortunately, our expedition was called off. Going back this year, it's very mission driven. Very focused," said Linville.

The 29-year-old is determined to reach the summit.

The Heroes Project, Kickstarter

"Nothing is going to stand in my way this year. My physical fitness, my preparedness isn't going to hold me back. I'm going to get to the top of the mountain."

Linville leaves for California on Wednesday to start training for the grueling climb. He'll spend hours in the gym preparing his mind and his body in addition to refining his climbing skills. There's also a strict nutrition plan to follow.

"Everyday I'm going to wake up and just eat, breathe and sleep Everest," he said.

Linville will once again be climbing with the Heroes Project. The group helps amputee veterans climb the Seven Summits of the world.

They plan to start climbing Mount Everest in mid-April.

"The word impossible, I don't believe in it," added Linville.

The Boise native hopes his journey will inspire others, including people involved with a new Treasure Valley non-profit called "Warriors 2 Wellness." The group connects wounded veterans with children battling cancer to help create bonds that heal.

"Both have experienced something very profound and getting them together and getting them both to recover and go back to wellness and move forward in life is something pretty special," said Linville. "Hopefully, I can continue to be a mentor for children."

"Warriors 2 Wellness" was created through the collaboration of two Idaho non-profit organizations: Ride to the Wall Foundation and Trevor's Trek Foundation.

Charlie Linville says he's hopeful more veterans will get involved and give back.

Meanwhile, he's focused on accomplishing his goal of climbing Mount Everest.

"I hopefully will summit the middle to end of May," he said.