TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)- Idaho water officials want citizens to think about groundwater this week . The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality is marking National Groundwater Awarenss week between March 6th and 12th with various events around the state. The DEQ says 95 of Idahoans drinking water comes from groundwater. The DEQ has teamed up with several other state agencies to help people maintain a healthy and safe drinking water system.

  • Test your private well if it has never been tested. Private well owners should test  well water for possible contaminants if it has never been tested or if the water smells funny, or has a funny look. Also, septic systems, fertilizers, animal waste, flooding, and natural materials such as arsenic and fluoride can pollute ground water.
  • Keep potential hazardous material from getting into the ground. Trash hazardouse material properly. Don’t use pesticides and fertilizers too much and always follow the instructions. Also, build wells properly and close problem wells.
  • Be smart about water use. The DEG says it’s a good idea to conserve water by using water-efficient appliances and toilets, use low-flow show heads. Also don’t let that sink drip or toilet run, fix the leak.

Head over to the DEQ's page on how to best protect Idaho's groundwater.

Also, check this video out for more information on events in the area connected to Idaho Groundwater Awareness Week.