Winter weather has caused a lot of damage to my cars over the years, and it just keeps getting better.I'm not even talking about damage while driving. I'm talking my car is just sitting in the driveway minding its business and Mother Nature comes along and does something crazy.

Have you ever broke something on your vehicle because of the ice or snow?

I've ripped the windshield wiper off with an ice scraper and last year I broke the handle off a door that was frozen shut. When I went to get into my car today I couldn't open the door. I figured it was just locked so I tried locking and unlocking it. That didn't work and since I had already broken the handle off before I was afraid to pull much harder. But, I had to get to work so I gave it a good pull and there was a large cracking sound as it opened. Luckily it wasn't my door breaking. It was a thick sheet of ice that had somehow gotten into the hinge section of the door and frozen shut!

That's not the end of it either. When my son got into the passenger side it ripped the rubber weather strip off the door because it had also frozen shut. Do newer cars have these issues or is it only me because I have an old car?