According to there are 10 must see places in Idaho that need to be on your bucket list.

Most of us at the radio station have never been, nor heard of these places. With the exception of skiing or snowshoeing into Redfish Lake, hiking in the Sawtooths, and paddling across Stanley Lake.

Take a minute and check out the "Idaho Bucket List" and tell us if you agree.  We would like to add Chamberlain Lakes to the list.

As Idaho natives, what places do you think we should add to this list?

Idaho Bucket List Destinations (according to OutBound):

  1. Camp at the Coyote Yurts
  2. Hike and Soak in Goldbug Hot Springs
  3. Ski to Redfish Lake
  4. Camp at Rocky Canyon Hot Springs
  5. Explore Upper and Lower Mesa Falls
  6. Backpack to Sawtooth Lake
  7. Camp at Fall Creek Falls
  8. Paddle on Stanley Lake
  9. Hike to Devil’s Bedstead West
  10. Soak in Kirkham Hot Springs