It wasn't so much the food that was chosen as Idaho's favorite that surprised me... It was the food that wasn't chosen that left me scratching my head. crunched some numbers to find what kinds of restaurants were in abundance in each state. They decided to leave out a bunch of stuff like pizza and fast food because those are so common across all 50 states.

In the end, Idaho has more places that serve pub foods. So, we're talking wings, finger steaks, and other foods of the delicious fried variety. And like I said, it wasn't a complete shocker that Idaho loves pub food. It's not like I expected to see a vegan restaurant at the top of the list.

What did surprise me was that Idaho's top food wasn't Mexican. I can't think of one city in our entire state that isn't overly saturated with Mexican restaurants... You can't throw an enchilada in Twin Falls or Jerome or Buhl without hitting a taco stand. Not that it's a bad thing. I do loves me some tacos.

This one had me questioning the numbers, for sure.

Here, you can check out Estately's breakdown of all 50 states.