Most of us would do just about anything for our families. That's certainly true of a Gooding, Idaho woman who is donating a kidney to her dad.

Cathryn Hernandez and her family face this challenge. Her dad needs a life-saving kidney transplant. She has been approved as the donor. But, there's a caveat. While her dad's surgery is covered by insurance, her (and her husband's) costs of losing work time when she's donating her kidney are not.

That has led her to open a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to help cover the costs of her kidney donation. Here's part of the challenge that Cathryn shared on her page.

I will be down for minimum 8-10 weeks to heal. My Mom, Grandma, and Sister are taking time off work to take care of me , my 3 baby boys, and also help with the children I baby sit. After the surgery I will also have to take who knows how many trips back to Utah .

Cathryn shared this recent picture of her dad in the hospital.

Photo, Cathryn Hernandez

Here's a picture of Cathryn and her family now.

Photo, Cathryn Hernandez

If you would like to donate and/or learn more about Cathryn's story, check out her GoFundMe page. The surgery when Cathryn will donate her kidney to her dad is set for Thursday, April 6.