Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - Water deliveries in the city of Twin Falls will be taking place earlier than normal.

Usually the Twin Falls Canal Company distributes water starting April 15th, but they will begin the process on April 8th. This is because low ground moisture levels are causing a greater need for water throughout the community.

The Canal Company will move to two thirds of the normal flow by the end of the week, but the process is a delicate one. General Manager of the Twin Falls Canal Company Brian Olmstead explained, "the big canal system, it's hard to bring it up that fast but we're going to try to get water deliveries to as many people as we can this week and depending on your location you may get it anytime this week."

The city is trying to move away from using aquifer water because supplies are declining. Instead they have 22 pressure irrigation systems to help deliver canal water to parks, schools, and golf courses in the area.