I have no doubt that someone (anyone) smarter than me can answer this. But, someone recently found something on Google Maps that they believe proves there is a meteor crater in Southern Idaho. Can you explain it?

I did not find this myself. No way. I'm the guy who discovers squirrels riding surfboards. The credit for this one goes to YouTuber Crazy Sonoran. They found an area in Southern Idaho that appears different from the surrounding region. I had to do some digging, but believe this is the area they're talking about.

Google Maps, Google Earth

To give you a better idea of where this is at, this is a zoomed out view of the area with the red thingy being where the "crater" is located. It's just north of Pocatello.

Google Maps, Google Earth

I'm not gonna pretend to know if their theory is correct. But, I will give them credit in that the area does look different than the terrain that is nearby.

If you're one of those super-educated people that knows this stuff, please chime in.