Do you think Twin falls is ready for a new city slogan?

Our current city slogan "People Serving People" is pretty nice, and it does a fine job of describing life in Twin Falls. I've talked to a lot of recent transplants and they all tell me that Twin Falls is made up of a nice bunch of folks who are generally friendly and always willing to lend a hand.

But when we stumbled upon this list of funny city slogans it got us to wondering whether or not it was time for a city slogan reboot for Twin Falls. We'll start here and we'd love to add your ideas... so be sure to leave a comment if you can come up with more. Here we go.

Welcome to Twin Falls

  • Was that trampoline that just blew by?
  • A Mexican restaurant on every corner. (So true. We love our Mexican food in Twin.)
  • We're gonna jump the canyon... We're not gonna jump the canyon... We're gonna jump the canyon... We're not gonna jump the canyon.
  • Where 45mph means 60mph.
  • Where 35mph means 20mph.
  • Refugees kinda welcome-ish.
  • Where the roads widen until your front yard is gone. (Sorry, Washington.)
  • We don't smell great but it's not as bad as Jerome.
  • Turn signal? What's a turn signal?
  • Where 2G plates are never in a hurry.
  • Shop downtown, just don't park here.

So, how'd we do? Be sure to leave your ideas in the comments so we can include them in a future poll.

Thanks to our friends in Grand Junction for inspiring this post.