Christmas is a time of giving, presents, and joy. It's also one of the busiest times of the year! Is your company Christmas party fun or just another thing you need to do in December?

December is jam packed with buying and wrapping gifts, plus attending parties where you actually have to look half-way-decent. Some of these gifts are supposed to be thoughtful and that takes even more time!

With everyone's schedules filling up during this month, it got me thinking, is your company Christmas party a fun night out or just another damn thing I have to do this month?

I think that it's OK to miss your company Christmas party. Is it a good idea to go and schmooze with the boss? Oh heck yeah! Plus think of the free food and in some cases free booze! Is it OK to take a break away from your coworkers? For your sanity, yes!

I get it, man. Luckily, I get to hide away in a padded room and hang out with you most days. You save my sanity.

Take our poll below or call me at 208-737-60-70 and feel free to share your Christmas party stories, we all have one! And Merry Christmas!