TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – Are the sidewalks in your neighborhood broken or cracked? Are there scary dogs or people on your block? How about people who drive through your neighborhood? Do they drive carefully and watch out for children at play or other pedestrians? In other words, is your neighborhood a safe place for you to walk?

It’s a question posed by the Idaho Transportation Department, which has on it’s a website a “Walkability Checklist” made especially for you and your neighborhood.


The checklist asks five questions and provides boxes for you to check off on the potential problems in your neck of the woods. Through the process you rate your neighborhood in each section. At the end of the survey, an overall rating of your neighborhood is provided as to pedestrian safety.

If your neighborhood falls short, the 3-page survey provides helpful hints to correct what’s wrong with it – such as making media aware of your neighborhood’s problems, speaking up at board and council meetings, and petitioning for more police patrol or starting a crime-watch program, to name just a few of the suggestions.

Included in the information is a page of resources for you to contact for additional support.

To view the checklist, ratings and suggestions on becoming a more active participant in your neighborhood, visit this ITD page.