Twin Falls, you have a lot going for you, but there is one thing you're missing. You suck when it comes to finding a clown.

Here's the scenario: my son just turned 2. And, since I'm the entertainment committee, I decided to see if a clown was an option. In Twin Falls, not so much.

First, I looked on Yelp. If you look for clowns there, you will only find one cryptic review about a lone clown that was spotted at Pizza Pie Cafe.

were there on a night they had a clown walking around making objects from balloons.

So, I resorted to a plain old Google search, which led me to a website called Gig Salad. Their results for clowns in Twin Falls is even more depressing. According to them, the nearest clown is in Sandy, Utah - over 190 miles away from Twin.

There was one reference on my Google search to Doulos & Checkers Clown'n. But, if you go to the picture, it just shows a lady riding a bike by a gas station. (*sigh*)

At this point, I'm seriously thinking that I should go attend the Clown School and start making some serious clown money, because there is an obvious clown void in Twin Falls.