Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV )The City of Jerome is putting a back-up plan in place to protect its water rights, and move forward with a mitigation plan for Idaho’s water resources.

Following an earlier dispute, the city learned its water access may be curtailed, or cut back, due to other companies with senior water rights making a call. This happens when a water rights holder is not receiving all of the water they are entitled to by decree. The City of Jerome is part of a group of 14 cities making sure they will maintain their rights.

"The coalition was formed to protect our interests and protect the water resources of the city so we can deliver service to our citizens and businesses that reside here," said city administrator Mike Williams.

Part of the mitigation plan for cities and major companies in the area requires an aquifer recharging site. Williams said a site in Gooding is most probable, but Tuesday the city council approved a backup site in Shoshone just in case.